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What is Doga?

Doga (aka Dog Yoga) is simply doing yoga alongside your dog. Doga is a partner yoga class that people do with their dogs, and like yoga, doga balances, harmonizes, purifies, and transcends the body and mind. Doga is 45 minutes of undivided attention. It is a gift. Yoga + dog = benefits for all!!


What are the benefits of Doga?

  • Improves Physical Health in You and Your Dog

  • Provides Mental Stimulation for Dogs

  • Offers Opportunities for You Both to Socialize

  • Encourages Relaxation for You and Your Pup

  • Urges Owners to Check on Their Dog’s Health

  • Promotes Bonding with Your Dog

Mental stability is one of the biggest human benefits of yoga and, given our pets can feed off our emotions, doga can help your pup become mentally stable, too. One study even suggests that the mere act of petting your dogs — during a dog yoga routine or not — can decrease our cortisol levels, which decreases stress.


Since pet owners coach their pups through dog yoga poses, they’ll find themselves handling their dogs a lot during a doga practice. Petting and handling our animals can build trust and, in turn, makes necessary tasks like nail trimmings and ear cleanings run much smoother. Think of it as an extension of behavioral therapy.  Moreover, the more attune you are with your dog’s body, the more you can notice any abnormalities. For instance, you may find a questionable lump or tic when petting your belly-up pup during Savasana. 



45 minute class - $17

6 week program - $102

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