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Every dog is different


Just as each of us is different, every canine is different.  Each one has their own experiences, routines, likes, and dislikes.   Even when canines are raised in the same home, they will each have their own personalities and opinions.  Yes, even if they are the same breed!

We know that dogs thrive best in a routine environment.  That is why we keep consistent schedules during boarding.  Because your canine knows what to expect, they will be less likely to experience stress and loneliness during their stay.

What will my dog do during their stay?

Your canines boarding with us includes so much more than just a place to stay for your absence.  We make sure that their stay includes coordinated socialization, supervised play, physical exercise, and supervised exposure to any unfamiliar stimuli. 


All breeds, sizes, ages and intact males are welcomed however no females while in heat.


All dogs will have full outdoor access to 50' x 60' outdoor 6 ft solid food fence turnout with a 14 x 14 outdoor platform to bask in the sun and will have their own private sleeping crate/area, blanket and their favorite toys from home and updates provided daily via text.

We carefully take into consideration your information as well as our observations to make sure that your canine gets what they need to have an amazing stay.  From 1 night to 30 and beyond we will ensure that we create the best and safest atmosphere for your canine to feel comfortable and to thrive while in our care. 


Each and every dog that stays with us is special and deserves the same care and attention that you give them when they are home with you.

What if my dog doesn't play well with others?

Due to the environment your dog is best suited as a social dog for there stay here.

Pickup, before 11 am is included.  Pick up after 11 am will be an additional daycare charge at the regular daycare rates*

Image by Zack Dowdy
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