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Quality, Not Quantity

Our breeding program started 33 years ago.  We are a small breeder, our dogs are a part of our family and live a "pet home" lifestyle. We have 5 grandchildren that love to have regular visits to socialize the pups.  Nurturing and loving them is an easy thing for them to do. The older grandchildren help with walking, grooming and so much more.

Our dogs and their puppies are well socialized early in life, with other dogs large and small (The head of the home is a Yorkie!) adults, friends and family. Our mission is to breed and raise exceptional German Shepherds for a variety of purposes such as work, show, rescue and therapy.  

We are not a kennel that breeds as a job, we are passionate about the breed and maintaining or improving proper breed standards. Our German Shepherds are raised indoors in our home just as pets would be.   We compete together, attend training class together and then home for love and snuggles.  Our Moms give birth in their safe whelping box in our bedroom to assist them when needed.  
Breeding and raising quality, intelligent and of course beautiful German Shepherds is our love and passion.  We strive to improve the breed so are very selective of our pairings to ensure the best our breed has to offer.  All pups are temperament tested and all perspective homes are carefully screened to be sure the pup is matched with their perfect home.
We are proud that all of our pups have always found forever quality homes. 



Name: Siren “Mystksand Lights and Sirens Tracken"
Sire:  Volvo Vom Funken Spiel
Dam: CH. Bonjens Hocus Pocus V Mystksand

Siren is a beautiful black and red Alberta-bred American line born in June 2019.  She is a stunning, compact rich black and red.   Miss Siren is a very confident girl with movement and temperament that is jaw-dropping.  She is the perfect medium-sized, sweet, and very pleasing young lady that has it all! 


Name: Meeka “Northernbear’s strong-hearted Meeka" CKC Titles CD, RN, RA, CGN
Sire:      Northernbear’s Apollo
Dam:     Hessy Gymor
OFA Elbows:  Normal
OFA Hips:  Excellent 

Meeka is a stunning black and red Alberta bred sable working line born July, 2019.  This young lady is a compact spit fire, keen, willing and agile.   She loves to swim, play ball and work hard in her training programs.  Keep an eye out for her at trials.

4 months old 3_edited.jpg

Name: Ida “Iwanna von Wendelin”
Sire: Zip von Wendelin
Dam: Tinka von Wendelin

Ida is a breathtaking true black Quebec-bred working line born in January 2023.  Her confirmation is a dream come true. 

Ida is go-go-go always wanting to drive, scent, work.


Ida is an excellent addition to our breeding program and we look forward to her future in PSA and CKC trials.



Name: Azzy "Aztec Von Svoboda" CKC title RN
Sire:  Nyx Von Svoboda
Dam: Ellis Von Daechsel
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Hips: Excellent 

Aztec is a stunning black Alberta-bred working line born June 17, 2021.  This young man is very confident and bold and will thrive in working sports.  We are excited to see his maturity develop into a great addition to our program while he is working towards his PSA Titles. 


Name:   Sasha “Keep it Real Oh Mighty”

Sire:      Dusty Sam on fire

Dam:     Missy crumbled of lighting


Sasha was the “perfect” dog.  A strong built black and tan Washington State bred working line born Feb 2007.  She loved to please and was by our side 24/7.  Sasha was level 2 Schutzhund trained and an actress that performed on Just for Laughs and tv commercials. We lost Sasha in 2019 and there will forever be a piece of us missing with her gone.


Name:   Sergeant “Sunshadows Dex"
Sire:      Sunshadow’s Thor
Dam:     Sunshadow’s Indy 2nd

Sergeant was a stunning, compact black and tan Saskatchewan bred working line born May 2008.  His love and desire to protect was his legacy and he did it wholeheartedly.  He retired from the force in 2014 and was a great asset to our breeding program.  Sergeant passed in 2018 and is greatly missed.


Name:   Harmony “Harmony Rose of Passion”
Sire:      Sing a Bit Long Standing
Dam:     Crazy passion of orange
Harmony is a gorgeous black and tan Ontario-bred working line born March 2015.  She is kind, an amazing teacher to the young dogs, and the finest definition of loyal.  She is now enjoying her retirement in our family home enjoying lots of bones, hugs, and kisses.

harmony (002).JPG

Name:   Champ “Sunflowers Brilliant Chilco"

Sire:      Attessa’s Lawyers, guns & money of Aramist

Dam:     Sunflower’s Espressmail Chilco


Champ is a large, black, and tan Alberta-bred American line born May 2017.  He is a gentle giant that loves children and was retired due to injury.  He is happy, full of life and looks after his people.

champ (002).JPG

There is nothing better than owning a German Shepherd!!

The German Shepherd–despite its worldwide popularity–actually originated in the late 19th century. A German cavalry captain had an aspiration to create the world’s best herding dog.  He certainly created one of the best and most popular dogs in the world.​The captain, a man named Von Stephanitz, eventually sought to narrow out an ‘alpha’ breed of the German herding dogs and traveled throughout certain regions to assess the variety of different breeds. Eventually, he found the variations he fancied, bred them, and later his breed was used by the Germans in WWI, making them a working-class dog.​Despite the fact that many German Shepherds returned home with US soldiers, they were actually around Canada before the war, they just had their rise to fame due to how well they served the soldiers. But some credit the popularity of German Shepherds to a famous Hollywood star. You’ve probably heard of him. Rin Tin Tin.

German Shepherd Personality & Temperament

This is one of those personalities that you’re most likely familiar with. You see a beautiful German Shepherd, and while you want to run up and pet it, you know better, as those watchful eyes are questioning and assessing you. But you also don’t fear them, as the German Shepherd's temperament is not aggressive. These dogs are naturally aloof, and commonly reserved in the face of strangers. They’re loyal to absolutely no end, and once they decide you are to be trusted, will show you a side of their personality that feels entirely like a reward. They are extremely intelligent and have such an impressive range in what they can be trained to do that they are in a working-class of their own.​They are excellent watchdogs, and you can count on them to protect the children. They need exercise, immense amounts of stimulation, and to be constantly around those they love.​In some ways, this dog is truly the alpha personality: calm, assertive, assured, confident, hyper-intelligent, powerful, and athletic, and with the size to make you hesitate. Then at home, the German Shepherd behavior is loving, quiet, calm, and even spunky at times.

Training a German Shepherd

This dog was bred to be trained. If you read a bit about their history, then you know what we are saying.  While a German Shepherd can be trained at home, it is incredibly beneficial to get this canine to obedience classes, or to a trainer like me that specializes in the breed. ​
Docile, hyper-intelligent, and starving for direction and a job, they love to learn and be challenged, and in turn, love to challenge when given the opportunity. That is why obedience training is so important with this breed, they are intelligent enough to get into trouble, and also to challenge you at every learning curve. 
At home, you need to establish yourself as the alpha, and this is one of those breeds that benefits from the owner holding a firm (never aggressive) hand.​ Early socialization is a must, expose them to other dogs, people, and environments right from the get-go.  That is why my classes are always in public.  These dogs have a tendency to be extremely guarded, and that temperament – while appropriate in some situations–needs to be ironed out early, or a German Shepherd can become dangerous.  They are not as dangerous as some of the breeds known for aggressive outbursts, but any dog with this size and power needs to be trained to know when it’s appropriate to show its hand.

Exercise Requirements for German Shepherds

The topic of exercise with a German Shepherd is a dynamic one.  They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation (which is often interwoven with their training) however they shouldn’t exercise too vigorously in their puppy stage (up to 18 months) to mitigate the risk of developing joint problems. This is discussed in detail with all new puppy homes and at all training sessions. ​
With that being said, the German Shepherd puppy has a lot of energy. They love to run around, have a strong prey and herding drive.  This enthusiasm will wane, but it’s important that throughout their life they receive around 30-45 minutes of exercise per day.​
They are big dogs that benefit from having a yard to run around in, and you can add variety to their exercise methods. They love to swim, play ball, play games with you, go on long walks/runs (or do anything that involves nature), and THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE.
Be sure to incorporate their exercising routines into their obedience training, as physical and intellectual stimulation is the key to a behaved and well-tempered German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Life Span & Longevity

A German Shepherd typically lives anywhere from 9-13 years.

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