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"Very Professional & Knowledgeable"
"..We had an initial phone conversation with Tracey that probably lasted close to an hour.  She gave us a lot of information in regards to the breed itself, how long she has been involved with the breed and also what it would be like owning a German Shepherd.  She was open to any and all questions we asked and she also asked questions about us, our lifestyle and our home. 
It was really a two-way conversation, we were trying to decide if Tracey was the right fit for us, but Tracey was also trying to decide if we were the right fit for one of her puppies. By the end of our conversation we ended up booking a home visit at Tracey’s house so we could meet her dogs and available puppies.
We wanted to get the right puppy for us, the best fit for us and him.  Based on all the experience and expertise Tracey had with the breed and that she offered lifetime support to all of her puppy owners we knew she was the right breeder for us.  

I have no doubt/hesitation in my mind of recommending Tracey and one of her puppies to anyone that is looking to welcome a German Shepherd into their home.  She has been an amazing resource from day one and is still there for us a year later...".  
Angela G - Edmonton, AB

"Fun Classes"

...It was my first time taking obedience classes with my shepherd that was not one of Tracey's breedings.   I was blown away by how welcoming everyone was and I loved the social time for us and our dogs after every class. 
I thought it was really smart to have all our classes outside.  We went to stores that accepted dogs, fields, parking lots, main streets, and more while instructed by her what command to ask our dog.  It kept it fun and not the typical "in a room" round and round in a circle.   My girl was super shy on day one and by the third class she wanted to play with the other dogs and it made me smile from ear to ear seeing how happy she was.
Tracey's classes are fantastic.  She always has one of her dogs with her and is always a part of the class.  Every week she added a new skill to learn and she would always say "okay... I will know next week if you didn't practice!.." ha!  

Tracey always made all of us feel important and encouraged us every step of the way.  She was very detailed and clear and I have to admit, I needed more training than my dog!!! No problem there...she would step me through each step.
I did all levels with Tracey and I wish she had more.   My girl is a very social, obedient dog and we thank Tracey and her training skills and her great laugh that we miss.
Thank you Tracey, we miss you.

Greg H & Star - Leduc, AB

"Kind & Loving"

.." When we decided to purchase a puppy, Tracey suggested we visit her home a few times prior to taking our new family addition home. As a family, we drove 2 hours to Wetaskiwin, several times during the next 3 weeks, to visit with our puppy. Tracey encouraged our visits and even suggested that we bring a blanket and toy to leave with our puppy and his siblings. That idea was brilliant. On the day we picked up our beautiful male puppy, Rambo, she cuddled him in the blanket and gave us his toy back; that made the transition home absolutely seamless. Coming home, Rambo never whined or cried; he slept on his blanket but was able to socialize with us as well. Tracey’s loving and warm hearted approach to raising her puppies certainly was and is evident; our Rambo loves to be cuddled and played with.
From the day we met Tracey, she made it crystal clear that she would be a support if we ever needed her. Over the first few weeks of ownership, we contacted Tracey on questions regarding feedings and daily routines. Each time, Tracey immediately responded and followed up with our inquiries. We have complete confidence that Tracey has not only provided us an extremely healthy and wonderful pet for our family but will continue to be supportive in the future if the need should arise"....

Anne M - Cochrane, AB

"Confident In Our Choice" 


In February 2020, our family decided to buy a German Shepherd. It would be our first large breed dog.

I contacted Tracey and spoke to her over the phone. She had so much information and was so open about her pups and her breeding that I felt very confident that her puppies were right for us.

Within a couple weeks, her pups were ready to find their forever homes.  The whole family was welcomed into her home to meet the parents and Aces sister. She sat with us on the floor and went over every possible information about Ace and his parents. Tracey’s sense of humor and confidence was so inspiring. She had answers for all our questions, and then information that we didn’t think off.

When we left we were completely happy. Tracey still continues to be there for us and her breed. With Ace being our first large breed dog, and although Ace has the best demeanor and best personality of any dog I’ve known, Tracey still will help us with any questions we may have.


Her breed and how she breeds her dogs shows in her pups.

Thank you. Ace has been a beautiful addition to our family and is complimented by friends and family every time he is around them.


Lorna Calgary

"Awesome Trainer"

Tracey has been and continues to be an awesome trainer for our family and our 5 year old, English Bulldog. Tracey is very supportive, positive, patient ( with me lol, never mind our dog), very knowledgeable and has such an awesome sense of humour. We first met Tracey when she came to our house to observe our family behaviour/interaction with our dogs (both English Bulldogs - only the one being trained). She was at the house, for a little over two hours. Tracey took her time talking/explaining to us what she has observed and answered our billions of questions - we agreed on a "game plan".

We did private lessons at first - which awesome. Our dog had no idea how to socialize with other dogs/people, from out side of our house. It was a disaster leaving the house with him and having someone come to our door. Tracey was so patient in training myself and our dog. I was VERY surprised on how quick our dog learned the "commands" and what he is not to do and so on.

Our dog has now graduated to a puppy class (let me tell you it did not take long - myself and my husband are so surprised). We believe with Traceys' fantastic communication skills and how she "transfers" her valuable knowledge of the dogs behaviour(s) and even with our own behaviours has been an entire game changer, for all of us.

It is very obvious that Tracey is passionate about the dogs she trains and the people she works with - she truly cares. We love that Tracey is just a text away. She is so quick at answering our questions. It's not like once you leave class there is no more contact until next class. Tracey is a text away.

In class, you can see how much the dogs love Tracey too. Especially, our big guy. He loves loves going to class and so do I. The classes have such an awesome vibe and are fun ( as in not boring).

If you're looking for ANY KIND of training, no what age your dog is, we HIGHLY recommend Tracey, Tracken Kennels.

Marts - Facebook review

"A New Beginning"

August 25 2019 I was blessed with Sirius Li Black. Sirius showed in his eyes and his very being that he wanted to be educated and learn. I was looking for a trainer, and I witnessed Tracey's gift with training. I was amazed at seeing her class in action, seeing the majestic dogs responding to her training and how the owners were responding. I immediately felt that Tracey was able to assist with giving Sirius and I the education we were looking for.  

I found her instructions and how to effectively communicate with Sirius so that I can give him the safest and most adventurous life for both of us. Sirius and I became more confident in being around other dogs and learning the appropriate corrective action when social activities.


I am confident going for walks now and amazed that I have started sprinting with him.  I feel blessed that I receive so many compliments about Sirius and how well trained he is. All before he turned a year.


Her gift of training has assisted in my improvement of mobility and balance and working . Sirius Li Black is my Service dog in training . Tracey s making it possible for me to prepare for Government Assessment for Sirius to be a certified service dog.  I can only emphasize how much more enjoyable the relationship is when their is confidence in yourself and your dog's when given the tools to communicate effectively of behavior expectations and how she emphasizes on praise and the eye she has for seeing the need of corrective action.


The training has also given me understanding of structure and the red zone to provide immediate action in a positive manner. 


I have passed level one and now entering level two . Tracey has shown me that this is more then puppy lessons. It is my commitment and love to providing a safe learning environment and a positive life and  preparation to assist with my medical conditions. 

Laura, Beaumont, AB

"The Best Thing I have Done"

Just finished level one with my dog! Best thing I’ve ever done! Went from highly reactive to pretty well socialized and obedient in such a short amount of time! Even old dogs (mine is five) can learn new tricks!! I highly recommend this class to anyone having issues with older dogs and to new puppy parents as well!

Lindsay - Facebook review


"Gained Tremendous Knowledge"

We have completed level 1 & 2 obedience training with Tracey for our chocolate labrador Molly-Jane.

We have gained tremendous knowledge, tips, and tricks from Tracey’s expertise. I would highly recommend Tracey based on her knowledge, dedication, motivation, and believe it or not she makes every class fun

We are so happy to know we can continue with drop-ins on any of her classes as continued support and socialization.

Tracey motivated Molly and me to work on our weekly assignments. I love the atmosphere that was created and Molly seemed to really love the puppy socializing as a reward at the end of class for her hard work

Nothing but praise for Tracey.

Briggitte - Facebook review

"Super Personable"

Tracey is fantastic. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to keep our dog. She’s helped us and our dog deal with his high drive and reactivity. She’s super personable and very honest about what you need to do and what your dog is. No gimmicks. Thank you so much Tracey!!

Terri-Lynn - Facebook review

"Taught us Both"

Brought my 4 month old to get her started down the right path. Tracken kennels taught both her and I how to train and we made it through level one. looking forward to many more classes. Train your dogs so that they are safe in all situations. Fix issue that you have and learn to avoid others.

Trent - Facebook review

"Amazing Trainer"

Tracey is an amazing trainer! She had our very reactive Boston Terrier calmed down, listening, and playing with other dogs in less than 2 classes. This is a dog that couldn’t go for walks without losing her mind the entire time. Now, two classes in she is healing on a leash, not barking, and not tire chasing on our walks. Amazing!!! I highly recommend her.

Theresa - Facebook review

"Amazing at what she does"

I would not hesitate to recommend Tracey to anyone as a trainer regardless of the breed of their dog. She is amazing at what she does both with the dogs AND their owners. She is available for questions with no judgment. With a dash of humor and fun, these classes fly by and you are motivated to practice with your pup because she gives you the confidence to enjoy training with your pup. I have been to a lot of trainers over my years of owning dogs and hands down she has been the best.

Misty - Facebook review

"100% Recommend Tracey"

100% I would recommend Tracey! I tried a few other trainers with my GSD and I could get him to stop pulling. He’s also reactive. I went to the first class and my dog actually could heal. After week 6 he was like a whole new dog. I can walk him, I know how to control his reactions when seeing other dogs. Can’t wait to start level two!

If you have a GSD or any dog, this is your trainer!!!

Jo-Dee - Facebook review

"I Enjoy my walks now"

I worked with several trainers without seeing much improvement in my German Shepherd's tendency to pull me everywhere, before I met Tracey. With Tracey's help and support within a few weeks the change in him was amazing and I started to enjoy walking him. We still have other behaviors that need work but he is a completely different dog! I am looking forward to continuing to working with Tracey.

Sarah - Facebook review

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